Monday, December 22, 2014

144 yard waste cans

When we moved into our new house in May the landscaping needed a lot of clean up.

So starting the first full week we spent there, I filled up 4 trash cans with yard waste each week.

For 23 straight weeks I filled up 4 trash cans each week.

Then, when the leaves started falling it got really crazy.  For all of November I was filling 8 trash cans a week, plus an additional 20 lawn 'n' leaf bags just for fun.

All told, since moving to my house I filled 144 (isn't that a gross?) containers with sticks, bushes, leaves, etc.

The secret?  Four at a time.  There's no way I could do 144 at one time, or even over a month or two.  But four cans every week got it done.

Any big projects you need to take break down into smaller chunks?

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