Thursday, October 16, 2014

10 Tips for Making Your Marriage Awesome

On occasion of my 10th anniversary I wanted to offer 10 tips for making your marriage awesome.*  (I'm giving this post a PG rating.)

1. Read the Bible together.
2. Take a monthly date night.
3. If at all possible, get away for an overnight trip each year for your anniversary.
4. Talk a lot about everything, and nothing, and anything in between.  Dream and scheme together about your family, church, house, etc.
5. Eat meals together as often as possible.
6. Don't have a TV or computer in your bedroom or dining room.  (Better yet, leave the TV out of the house entirely.)
7. Shower together often. (Told you it was PG)
8. Go to bed at the same time.
9. Enjoy a warm beverage in the morning and a late night snack in the evening. (Together of course)
10. Kiss, snuggle and carry-on.  (Keeping it PG!)

*I have an awesome marriage with the love of my life and we attribute much of our awesome relationship to these factors.

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