Thursday, September 18, 2014

Be worth it

What if right now there were no more tax deductions for charitable giving?

None.  Not for anyone: churches, ministries, secular non-profits.  Tax breaks for donating money are gone.  What now?

On the personal side: Your motivation for donating would have to be greater than financial gain at tax time.  You would have to actually believe in the cause you were donating to, not just believe in a tax break.

On the organizational side: Regardless of whether that ever happens, shouldn't we (anyone in the categories above) be worth donating to regardless of the tax break?  If the people who give to your organization do so only because of a tax break, how much do they actually care about your mission?

Instead, I want people to donate to Camp of Champions USA because they believe in it.

And I want to donate to organizations because I believe in them.

Be worth donating to.

Be worth it.

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