Thursday, August 21, 2014

When is your house finished?

I'm writing this as a warning to myself... as I now live in a house with plenty of projects.

Every house needs fixing up in some respects.  But I've noticed a trend that at some level, we as a society don't know when to say "My house is good enough."

I've seen people make necessary improvements to their house.  But once they've made all those, they seem to be in a rhythm of doing home projects and then make even more improvements to their house, many of which are unnecessary and all of which cost money.

So my recommendation to myself would be this: Upon moving to a new house, write a detailed plan of what the house will look like when it is finished.  Give a detailed description or picture of what each room be like when the house is as you want it.  Then, hold yourself to that plan.  And once you're house has arrived, don't spend the time and money on additional upgrades.

Spend the additional time and money where God would have you do so!

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