Thursday, August 28, 2014

Is God proud?

This summer during our bedtime routine Jackson (my oldest, soon to be 8) asked:

Is God proud or humble?

(That's one of those questions where you open your mouth to talk and then close it again because you realize it's a much harder question than you originally thought.  "Of course God is humble because pride is wrong and God must be the opposite" was the easy answer that came to mind.)  But think about it a little bit...

I eventually stumbled through something like this:

God always perceives himself and knows himself exactly how he truly is.  When WE think or perceive ourselves as better than we actually are, that is pride.  When we think of ourselves truthfully as we are (which is also how God sees and knows us), then we have humility.

So I guess: Yes, God is humble, but not because of any lowliness in him, only because that even in perceiving his awesomeness correctly, he is still displaying the trait of humility.

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