Monday, June 30, 2014

One more thing I'd do as president

I think I could still squeeze this idea into my first four years in office.

I'd like to disband the electoral college.  (I'm not even sure if disband is the right word here.  Remove? Destroy?)

When the country was founded and the constitution was written the electoral college made perfect sense.  It wasn't possible for Joe Somebody to know much about a candidate at all, so they could vote for someone they did know believed like they did, and that person could vote for the president.

Today, we often don't even see the names of the people in the electoral college that we're actually voting for in a presidential election.  Technology gives us the ability to know as much as we want about a political candidate.  Joe Somebody can be just informed (maybe more!) as someone in the electoral college.

So there you go.  Get rid of the electoral college.  I'm not sure how that will affect my reelection, but as I said before I'm good with four years.

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