Monday, May 26, 2014

You've Been Scheduled

A little head's up for my blog over the next few months:

Nearly everything has been pre-written and scheduled to post.  This means a few of things: 
First of all, I won't be keeping up with current events.  Not that I do too much blogging about that anyway, but if it seems like my blog isn't acknowledging something significant, now you know why.
Second, I think some of my scheduled posts might be bolder than usual.  I think I might have a little more courage to click "Publish" when I know that it won't be seen for a few weeks or months.  You've been warned.
Third, I was hoping to have blogs scheduled for twice each week, but with COCUSA ramping up and moving houses, you're going to have to live with Monday only posts for the summer.

Lastly, I should still be able to check comments and replies, so I hope to hear from you (especially if I go overboard in the boldness category.)

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