Thursday, April 10, 2014

Parenting by default

It's so easy in parenting to mail it in.

Not that we'd ever admit that of course. We want to love our kids and care for them and give them the best. But when the day to day grind comes in, when we get into regular, everyday life with it's lists of to-dos and countless distractions, we put parenting on the back burner. What we end up trending towards, whether we realize it or not, is parenting by the easiest possible means possible.

We trend towards doing less, despite what our desires are for our kids. The challenge, then, is to care. Really care. And to care in such a way that you actually act like it towards your kids. Scores of books have been written about parenting, and I don't have any intentions of writing another one or competing with any of them.  What I would like to do over the next months (years?), however, is write up some thoughts that can serve as a guide.  Blog posts that fall under the “I need to talk about this with my kids" category."

More than anything, I hope any parenting blog post serves as a reminder to care for your kids.  Well.  And right now.

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