Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fundraising for this summer?

In the last few weeks I've had two people request information about "that book you wrote about fundraising" and received my first "I'm going on summer missions trip and I need your help" request.

It's April.  Spring is (hopefully) in the air.  Fundraising for ministry/missions has started.

If you're looking for some direction as you raise money, I'd challenge you to read Partner Like Paul: A Guide to Fundraising Biblically and Practically.

Yes I wrote it.  But I wrote it because it seemed that much of Christian fundraising didn't really line up with God's word.  I also wrote it because there seems to be a lack of fundraising help for high school and college students as they seek to raise money.  And mostly I wrote it so I could be more Biblical and better at raising money for my support and ministry.

I think it could be a help to you too. Here it is. Free.

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