Monday, March 10, 2014

Trellis & Vine

We all have a trellis in our lives and ministry.  The trellis is the stuff that isn't quite ministry, but it's there to help ministry happen.  (Think dodgeballs at a summer camp or cleaning carpets in a classroom, etc.)

Our ministry is the vine.  It's where we find the fruit.

Ideally, the trellis should be one of those things you don't quite realize is there.  Sometimes we swing too far to one side and want to burn the trellis down because it is distracting us from the 'real ministry.'  And sometimes we put so much work into the trellis that we get distracted from the vine.  Neither approach is helpful.

Most of our ministries need a trellis to grow on.  But the trellis should mostly be in the background and unnoticed.  It should follow the vine as it grows and flourishes, not dictate where the vine should go.

Last thought: God has given us both the vine and the trellis. We should do our best with both.

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