Monday, March 24, 2014

Smartphone Constitution

Well I finally did it.  I made the jump from basic phone (read "dumb" phone) to a so called "smartphone."

It wasn't a choice I made quickly or without a lot of thought.  And while I ended up deciding to do so because of the benefits I'm hoping it can bring to my work at Camp of Champions, I spent most of my time deciding how I was going to control the use of it.  Here's what I came up with.

We the people who are blessed to have abundant technology at our fingertips, in order to use technology without being used and promote healthy practices do ordain and establish this Smartphone Constitution.
Article 1. An internet filtering or monitoring system is to be installed. 
Article 2. A “Do Not Disturb” or similar setting is to be used to help keep your focus at home and with your family. 
a. When at home, your phone should be kept on a shelf, not on your person. 
b. During your family or personal Sabbath, you should use your phone only if someone calls you. 
Article 3. Contrary to popular belief smartphones are not for use in the bathroom. Seriously. 
Article 4. Also contrary to popular belief, smartphones are not made to pacify your children. 
Article 5. In keeping with the spirit of Article 4, there is no need to have any games of any sort on your smart phone. 
Article 6. The only applications and websites to be used are to be ‘white listed’ and approved by a close friend or spouse.

This document is a work in progress.  To see any updates and to see my white listed apps and websites, click here.

Maybe I'm being to overbearing, but I've seen technology waste enough time and relationships that I'm pretty wary of it. If you read this and realize you need to control the use of your smart phone, you have my permission.

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