Thursday, March 27, 2014

I stink at evangelism...

Note: This was originally written as a stream of consciousness over a year ago...  I cleaned it up a little for readability, but I think it still communicates what's on my heart.

I stink at sharing the gospel.

I just do.

I don't see opportunities.  I don't take opportunities that I do see.  I spend too little time with lost people.  I'm not bold.

I'm just plain bad at evangelism.

Jesus please give me the awareness, boldness, and focus I need to share the Gospel with one person each day.  I need your help on multiple levels.  

Level 1: More time with people who don't know Jesus.  Getting work done at Starbucks simply doesn't count.  But what does?  How can I fit more time with lost people in my already full schedule?

Level 2: Default towards people.  Be a conversation starter... take conversations deeper... always, both relationally and spiritually.

Level 3: I need boldness to turn the conversation towards what really matters: talking about Jesus and how the person I'm speaking with knows him or needs to know him.

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