Monday, February 3, 2014

The Teaching Continuum

On the left side of the continuum it states that "Only fully prepared and rehearsed individuals share."

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The right side says "Everyone and anyone can share anything at any time regardless of preparation or organization."

In most teaching scenarios, we seek to limit and control the sharing as much as possible.  We find ourselves way on the left side and then wonder why no one else wants to contribute when we ask a question.

Being fully on the right doesn't really work either.  It's just plain chaos.

Like with most continuums, the best case scenario is to be somewhere in the middle.  Prepare and rehearse, but also look for input and dialogue from those who didn't pre plan what they were going to say.  I think nearly every time I teach and let other people do share and talk someone in the group says something better or smarter than me.  (If you're afraid of that happening, better stick with the left side.)

PS.  Ben Getz called the Seahawks over the Broncos with a total score of 54 points.  Josh Elliott did the same but with 48 points.  The total points scored of 51 means that they tied.  So I flipped a coin.  Ben Getz wins!!


  1. Did you let them call it before you flipped? Did you wear a fur coat?

    1. Way to know those references being halfway around the world. Nope, they didn't get to call it. I did! No fur coats here.. just COCUSA hoodies