Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fishing for men... but how?

Welcome to some new friends who signed up for my blog at the Equip Conference last week.  Here's a thought I shared at one of my workshops there:

"Follow me and I will make you fishers of men."  I realized recently that the mental image that pops into my head with that verse is probably not accurate.

Do we picture fishing for men like modern Americans fish?
  • one line, one hook, one worm
  • recreationally, if we have time
Or do we picture fishing for men more like a first century Jew would have fished?
  • big nets
  • you take time to fix nets
  • our very survival depends on it
  • you fish all night
  • you fish everyday
  • you sleep and eat so you can fish more
And probably the scariest question: Are you fishing for men like an American or like a first century Jew?


  1. Great thoughts, Pheaney! Very challenging. Disciple making to often gets lost among our to do lists in life and ministry. Its not until we get enough 'stuff' done that we begin to deeply invest in others. That's definitely a trend that needs to be changed. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Joel- Thanks for the kind words! Yes, I always need to be reminded of the importance of disciple-making like Jesus!