Thursday, January 30, 2014


Most things in your life... maybe all things in your life... are trending one way or the other.

* Your relationship with God: You're either growing closer to him or farther away from him.
* Your relationship with your spouse: Today you'll either become better friends or better enemies.

Maybe it's human nature or the laws of thermodynamics, but the "status quo" never really stays that way.

* Your attitude towards your job: You'll either like what you do more by the end of the day or you'll like it less.
* Your attitude towards your kids: You're either falling more in love with them or you're getting more annoyed by them.

Of course these trends happen in thousands of incremental and seeming insignificant steps.  But they do happen.  So pick an area above.  Or think of another area...

Which way are you trending?

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