Monday, January 13, 2014

Snow Day!

Last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday most of the midwest was shut down in a snow/ridiculously-low-temperature day.

If you're a kid under 18 who was excited to skip school that day, you get a pass on this post.  But some things for the rest of us to think about:

College: If you're a college student that was taking a class, how excited were you to miss school?  Be honest.
Remember, you're paying for that class.  You're paying for the chance to learn and better yourself.  If you're really that excited about snow days, maybe you should reconsider your current eduction path entirely.

Work: If you were an employee that got the day off because of the snow, how excited were you to miss work?  Be honest.  Were you excited, or was there a moment of "I was looking forward to working on this on Monday."
Remember, at some level, you chose this job.  You are getting paid by it, but you're also putting your life into it.  If you're really that excited about missing work, maybe you should reconsider what you're doing.

Church:  (I'm walking on thin-ice now.)  If you're a follower of Jesus, how excited were you that your church service was cancelled?  Be honest.  Were you glad?  Or were you saddened that you might not gather with the body of Christ for a whole week?
Remember, this is the church, Christ's living body on earth.  Perhaps we shouldn't be glad when we have to stay at home.

Note: I'm not calling for everyone to hit the roads when there are dangerous conditions outside.  I'm calling for all of us to take this opportunity to examine ourselves.  Happy Shoveling.

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