Thursday, January 23, 2014

Journaling for your kids

[Sorry for my random last post on partnering.  That was all true, but supposed to post somewhere else.  Ah, the perils of technology.  Onward...]

Here's one thing my wife and I have done for our kids that has been a big blessing: Keeping a journal for each of our kids.

We started each journal as early as we knew we had a baby on the way, and then attempt to write in it each month.  We hope to leave each child a little bit of a picture of our parenting journey for them to read for themselves some day.

The irony is that it's been a blessing to us most of all up to this point, and time will tell if it blesses our kids or not.  We're blessed by making ourselves pause and appreciate something about our kids each month; even in the midst of life's busy schedule and sometimes poor behavior.

Take it or leave it, but it's an idea that's worked for us.

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