Thursday, January 2, 2014

Book Review: Night of the Living Dead Christian

I just finished another book by Matt Mikalatos.  You might know that name if you've heard of his first work: Imaginary Jesus.

This book, Night of the Living Dead Christian, was another zany allegory where he used monsters to look at the idea of personal transformation.  He tackled questions like:
Why do Christians claim to be different, but then don't live much differently?
How can someone's sin nature be truly changed?
Are we all monsters?

There were more than one laugh-out-loud moments in this book: "This is the worst secret lair ever."  But the topic itself (and the allegory the author chooses to illustrate it) make Night of the Living Dead Christian more intense and darker than Imaginary Jesus.  I'd still highly recommend it, but know what you're getting into: there are some intense parts.

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