Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ways we should be more like Adrian

My son Adrian turns 6 today.  Here are a few everyday things we could all learn from him:
  • Be more creative.  I wish I had the capability to invent latin words for dishwasher, but luckily with him in the house I have a never-ending source of ideas.
  • Write more notes.  Every time I turn around Adrian is handing his mom an "I love you card."  Married guys: When is the last time you did that for your wife?  Everyone: What about your mom?
  • Don't shoot unless you need to. .  Adrian has this funny habit of not wasting bullets when we're in a nerf-gun fight.  It's comical, but he takes about 1 shot to my 100.  I laugh, but I'm also the one out of bullets.
Happy Birthday Adrian!!

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