Monday, December 2, 2013

Discipleship Basics

I'm officially publishing a Discipleship Basics Bible study I'm using with Camp of Champions staff this school year.

It's been helpful to me as I've met with staff.  It helps me disciple them and helps them disciple others.  I'm posting it here with the hope that others can find it useful in their life and ministry.

Even more than passing it on, the biggest reason I'm putting it out here (for the world to see) is because I need to call it 'done.'

I've needed to call it "good enough" for a while, but instead of going out and making disciples with it, I find myself re-writing a Bible study yet again.  It's too easy to keep tweaking, editing and re-writing, so I'm posting it here to say: It may not be great, but it is good enough.

Without further ado: COCUSA Discipleship Basics Study

I'll update it once or twice a year as needed.  You can find the most updated version on this page on my blog.

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