Monday, November 4, 2013

Studying Thought Flow

So recently I was trying to think of a name for a new thing that Camp of Champions is starting.
  • I hadn't had any luck so I started checking out other Christian camp's websites for ideas. 
  • I came across an idea that struck me as funny, so emailed the other COCUSA full-time staff about it.
  • One of their responses referenced a book we had read several years before.
  • I visited that book's website and looked through several of the chapter titles and content.
  • One chapter title was a term I hadn't yet considered, so I looked it up on
  • And the first entry in the thesaurus was the perfect term for what I was looking to name.
Maybe it's just my mind that runs like this, but it's entertaining anyway.

Maybe the lesson is that, when brainstorming, we shouldn't be afraid to involve outside ideas and other people, as I certainly would have gotten nowhere without it.

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