Thursday, October 3, 2013

Parenting with the Bible

The Bible is legitimately the biggest help to my wife and I as we seek to parent our boys well.  What does that look like?

1) The Bible for you, the parent.  Get into God's word regularly.  This sets an example to your kids and just as importantly refines you.  Specifically, taking time each year to review God's specific instructions about parenting is super helpful and encouraging.  For a list of those passages, check out this blog I posted awhile ago.

2) The Bible for your kids.  How do you get your kids into God's word?  Here are some things we've found helpful:
  • We love quality children's Bibles.  The Jesus Storybook Bible and Read and Learn Bible are two good ones.  Decent pictures and good versions of the stories are great for keeping kids attention.
  • Get them there own copy of the Bible as soon as they can read.  Our older boys have a "treasure chest" cover Bible and a Camo cover Bible (It can be hard to find when it's lost in the house, but very cool).
  • Short kid-friendly devotionals can be a big help.  Our boys have really been into Keys for Kids.  While I wouldn't make Keys for Kids the center of a theological course, they have helped our kids get into a regular rhythm of reading the Bible.
  • Lastly, our latest find is video versions of the Bible.  We've been watching through the Gospel of John every night, doing about half a chapter a night.  Our kids are screen junkies (mainly because we limit their media intake throughout the day) so they have been glued to it.  I realize some video versions of the Bible can be cheesy or lame, but the Gospel of John is one that is very well done and we are all into watching it.  My wife and I end up chatting about what we watched every night after our boys are in bed.  (Side note: as a parent, it's your responsibility to know about anything you show your kids.  I'd recommend previewing the crucifixion scenes. Based on our kids ages we opted not to show them Jesus' death until they are older.)

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