Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween's Surprise

I find it ironic, or at least deserving, that Halloween merchandise is now being pushed off the shelves for Christmas merchandise, weeks before Halloween actually occurs.  While walking through my friendly neighborhood big box store more than a week before Halloween, I noticed that all of the Halloween items were on clearance.  Already! With a week to go.

Halloween, to me at least, was the first holiday outside of Christmas to become overrun with consumerism.  When I was a kid, a few people decorated their porch, and all with homemade items when they did.  Today, people spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to decorate their whole front yard for Halloween.  (I'm guessing the same trend happened years before my time with Christmas, I'm just too young to remember it and now we just accept or even expect most houses will have elaborate Christmas decorations.)

But unbeknownst to Halloween, even while it was making it's consumeristic grab, commercial Christmas was planning on striking back.  It's as if commercial Christmas was saying: "Sure Halloween, bring out your items in August, I'll just bring out the Christmas junk come out in early October."

I don't see any end to this silliness.  I'm guessing that soon you'll see Valentine's Day items in late December, maybe even before Christmas, as V-day seems to be the next holiday targeted to make money.  It will probably stop when we (as a society) stop wasting our wealth on things we don't need.

At least we Illinoisans can still celebrate Casimir Pulaski day without having to buy anything.

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