Thursday, September 5, 2013

What would you do with $____?

This is for my friends in a paid ministry position (myself included).

Put your full salary package in the blank space below.  (This should include benefits... What is your organization's total financial commitment to you?)

Let's say someone gave you $______ in a lump sum and said: "Make the biggest possible difference for Jesus Christ over this next year."

What would you do?  What would your strategy be?  What do you start dreaming about being able to accomplish?

How does what you're thinking about and dreaming up sync with what you are currently doing?

The reality is that you are being given $______ to do what you do each year.  It's not a lump sum, but it's still being given to you.  What are you doing with yourself to make the biggest possible impact for Jesus Christ?

You (as a person) need to be that strategy, you need to live and work in a way that lines up with your goals and desires to change the world.

A lunch conversation with Tim Reist was the inspiration for this post.

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