Monday, September 9, 2013

Reflecting on the past

I wrote this in my journal three years ago today:

Camp* can often be a distraction from making disciples.  
At times I'd love to shove off and wholly and solely pursue endeavors that make disciples.  
However, will that course of action develop a multipliable disciple movement? 
Is it better to make disciples while working a job that distracts from it?** 
For that would show others how to do the same...

*"Camp" is my job.  What's yours? How does it aid or detract from your ability to make disciples?

** To be fair, camp doesn't always distract from it.  Often it is a huge help to it, but there are times in the middle of the busy season that are very distracting from making disciples.  When I wrote this there had been a good run of distractions.

Three years later I'm still thinking about these things.  I think my main message for you and me today is this: You can and should make disciples of Jesus right now.  I think your job isn't as relevant to the discussion as we often make it to be.

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