Thursday, September 12, 2013

Parenting Helps

It seems to me that there is a void of people willing to offer parenting advice.  I even have a memory of a father of eight saying he wouldn't feel comfortable giving parenting advice.  At the time he already had three of kids well on their way to being adults any parent could be proud of... but because of the ongoing parenting he was experiencing with his younger kids, he didn't feel he could offer advice.

If that's the case, can anyone ever offer parenting advice then?  Does anyone really get to the place as a parent that they can offer advice with 100% confidence?

I'd like to suggest we change the verbiage: Is anyone willing to offer parenting helps?

You may not have it all together. You may still be figuring out your own kids.  But nearly every parent can share something that has been a help to them as they raise their kids.

So if you're a parent, what helps can you offer those around you?  ("Do you want to know what helped me in that parenting situation?")  Or maybe if you are the one needing help, it's on you to ask for it.  ("What have you found helpful in this situation?)

Some of my parenting helps coming later...

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