Monday, September 30, 2013

Don't Hide

I've noticed a parenting trend that I personally disagree with.

Hiding stuff from your kids.  (And I'm not talking about cookies and ice cream.)

More than once in the last couple of weeks I've heard reference to hiding your kids from something you don't want to explain to them because it is difficult to understand, something that is sinful in nature or makes you feel uncomfortable.

I'm not saying that right away you should explain everything in the world to your children no matter what age they are.  But I think that hiding the facts of life isn't going to help very much in the long run.

Kids will find out that other people believe differently than your family about a lot of things.  Kids will find out about "skeletons in the closet".  Wouldn't you rather have them find out about them when you are there with them and able to walk them through a God-honoring response?

Don't start the habit of hiding... because when do you stop?

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