Monday, August 26, 2013

Bringing back the Bible Study

Sometimes I think that good the old-fashioned Bible Study has gotten a bad rap.  I know this because I'm fully guilty of looking down on them.

Mentoring, accountability, discipleship, disciple-making... these all have a little more pizzazz than a Bible study.  And most people would rather go to a small group/core group/impact group/life group/(insert your favorite name here) group than a Bible Study.  Wouldn't they?

But what better way to mentor someone than with the Bible?  What better to hold someone accountable than God's word?  What better tool to disciple someone than the Bible?  And what better centerpiece to your Cool Group than the Bible?

I realize that a Bible Study can be brutally ineffective if done poorly.  But instead of throwing them out altogether, lets just lead great Bible studies.  Discussion-based, obedience-oriented and God-honoring Bible studies.

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