Thursday, May 16, 2013

HIRI: Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin

A few thoughts and points from Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin:

Quotable: "Every year we church out millions of workers who are trained to do 1925-style labor." (#3)
"The universal truth is beyond question - the only people who excel are those who have decided to do so. Great doctors or speakers or skiers or writers or musicians are great because somewhere along the way, they made the choice." (#27)

What I Liked: Seth didn't pull any punches.  He laid out why our current schooling system is broken.  He offered some solutions to fix it.  The book was both informative and challenging.  If you have a kid in school, you should read it.  (And I mean any kind of school: public, private, Christian, homeschool, etc).  And why not?  It's free.

What I Didn't Like:  I can't imagine a book on this subject that I would agree with 100%.  Maybe not even if I wrote it.  There is so much to consider and so much change needed in the system, that it was almost inevitable I wouldn't like some of Seth's suggestions.  That being said, the dialogue (both internally and with others who have read it) is worth having.

2013 Personal Impact Ranking: 
  1. T4T by Steve Smith
  2. What Jesus Started by Steve Addison*
  3. Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin*
*I own this one and you'd be welcome to borrow it.

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