Monday, May 27, 2013

A Letter to the President

I'm submitting the following letter to the President (via the White House Correspondence page).  If you read and agree, please do the same.

Dear Mr. President, 
Nearly 237 years ago the founding fathers of America signed the Declaration of Independence.  It was a bold and daring document, committing them to the cause of American freedom.
Today, generations later, most Americans know that there is a Declaration of Independence but  few have knowledge of it's actual content.  Outside of hearing it once or twice in school (or maybe just hearing about it) our interaction with this important document is non-existent.
In one of her books, Laura Ingalls Wilder writes of the tradition of a public reading of the Declaration each Fourth of July in the town square.  The yearly reminder of the cause American freedom served to unite the people and put petty matters into perspective. 
I would like to ask you to renew that tradition on a national level.
This Fourth of July, could you publicly read the Declaration of Independence?  It's time for all Americans to be reminded of this important document and to remember that their was a time when we didn't have the freedoms we have today.
I look forward to your response, but even more, I look forward to hearing you on the Fourth of July.
Peter Lindell

If you're on board with the President starting the tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence every Fourth of July, please 1) copy the content above and submit it to him on the White House Correspondence page and 2) forward or share this with anyone else you think would be interested. 

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