Monday, April 22, 2013

Ways we should be more like Kelton...

It's been crazy to me how many of my family members have had birthdays fall on a Monday or a Thursday recently.  In keeping with the tradition, our youngest Lindell, Kelton, turns one today.

Can we learn something from a one-year old?  I'm thinking we can.  Here are a couple things that jump to mind:

Don't limit yourself.  Kelton is an expert at using anything and everything as a toy.  He certainly doesn't limit himself to the box of 'one-year old items' that we put in front of him to entertain him.  Once he's experienced those he moves on to whatever he can get his hands on.

Enjoy a hug with the ones you love.  We have a family tradition of praying before our day starts, and then ending in a big group hug.  He enjoys the hug so much that he literally jumps out of our arms to get it started. We should all enjoy our family that much.

Whatever age you may be, live and love well today.

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