Monday, April 1, 2013

PLP: Who?

Step 1: Start with the Bible

Step 2: Who?
When it comes to a Biblical fundraising strategy, who do we start with?

Pray: We start with God!  Quick story: A few years back I was praying that God would show me who I should ask about donating to my support.  I had been regularly seeking God with this request for a few weeks.  Then, one Sunday a couple at my church approached me and asked me for permission to give to my support.  It was hilarious, ironic and so like God!  (This same story has happened multiple times to me.)  So... Pray!

Brainstorm:  This might be the tedious part of the job, but whenever you fundraise you need to sit down and come up with a list of contacts relationships.  There's two things you need to keep in mind with these relationships:
1) You need to actually have a relationship with them.
2) You could see them potentially having an interest in God's work.

The last section in this step is writing an answer to this question: How is God working in what he has called me to do and called me to raise money for?  If you can explain that in a short paragraph, you're already well on your way to communicating with the list of relationships you just brainstormed.

The next step is 1st Contact, but if you can't wait until then, find my book at:

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