Thursday, April 25, 2013

PLP: Follow Up

Last in a fundraising series based on my book: Partner Like Paul.

Step 1: Start with the Bible
Step 2: Who?
Step 3: 1st Contact
Step 4: The Ask

Step 5: Follow Up
Messages have been sent.  Asks have been made. Your fundraising work is done right?
Not quite.  Not-at-all actually.  Here are some oh-so-important steps to keep in mind.

Prayer: First of all, thank God for those who are supporting you through prayer and finances.  But second, find out how you can pray for those people.  This is where fundraising can be shown to be more than just a one way cash grab.  If you really care for the relationships you asked for help, you'll show it.

Thanks: This is so simple, yet so important.  Thank those that are supporting you, specifically and directly.

Update: Provide updates to God's work.  If this was a short-term trip or a one-time fundraiser, those who supported you deserve to know how it went.  If you're fundraising for the long-haul, keeping them updated about God at work in your ministry is one of the best ways to keep them giving to your ministry.  The frequency of your updates really depends on you, but as a general rule the more often you update partners, the better.

Ask Again?  IF you need more financial support, clearly explain what and why in one of your ongoing updates.  If God has provided for your needs, let your partners know that!  You'll gain their trust by letting them know when you're needs have been met.

That's it! Find the whole book at:

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