Thursday, April 18, 2013

PLP: The Ask

Fourth in a fundraising series based on my book: Partner Like Paul.

Step 1: Start with the Bible
Step 2: Who?
Step 3: 1st Contact

Step 4: The Ask
Alright... if you've gotten this far there's no turning back now.  Here are some areas to consider when asking for financial support:

Prayer:  Is this getting redundant?  Too bad, you (and I) really should pray more.  I am continually amazed at how God provides for very real needs when we take the time to pray.  In this situation, the need is a certain amount of funds that need to be raised.  Pray that God will use his people to provide that.

Method:  How did people respond when you made your 1st Contact?  Do you feel that the method you chose then was effective to get your message out?  Consider those questions as you choose what method you would use to communicate now.  Most people choose a paper letter here, and there's nothing wrong with that.  This is just a call to think critically and see if there are other methods that may be more effective.

Message: Here's what you need to include in that message.
- A story of God working in what you're doing.
- A picture (or two or three). They can be of you or your ministry in action or the people you are serving. But please, put in a picture!
- An ask for prayer. Nearly every 'support letter' has one of these, but sometimes they don't feel genuine.  They feel like "Here's my token ask for prayer so I can ask for the real thing..  MONEY" sort of asks.  How do you avoid that?  I think the best way is to get them signed up for a prayer team that you can update regularly.  That is at least one way to prove you are serious about wanting them to pray.
 - An ask for financial support.  This was the whole reason you started on this fundraising journey in the first place.  So go ahead and ask.  Give them a clear and easy way to respond.  But Ask.

The next step is Follow Up, but if you can't wait until then, find my book at:

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