Thursday, March 14, 2013

PLP: Start with the Bible

I want to start a mini-series based on thoughts from my book, Partner Like Paul.  We'll be looking at a practical and Biblical fundraising strategy in 6 steps.  Step one is...

Start with the Bible
And to start with the Bible, I want to "steal" the thoughts that local youth leaders came up with during my training session last month.  We looked a list of Scripture pertaining to fundraising.  They (at random) chose the verses below and came up with these principles:

Acts 18  Tentmaker: [Paul was a] self provider 6 days with 1 day preaching until support came for 7 days/week preaching.

Acts 20:33-35  Don't covet, focus on giving and blessing those in need rather than focusing on receiving.

Romans 15:22-29  BOLD invite to join in God's plan.

2 Corinthians  Don't be a burden to who you are serving.

Galatians 6:6  Support those who teach and minister to you (or your kids!)

Philippians 1:3-5  Partnership with mutual benefit/blessing.  Partnership founded in prayer.

Titus 3:13-14  Be aware of others' needs and help when you can.  Blessing those in ministry with available resources will bless them and you.  People give as part of good works in order to be fruitful.  God's people should make it their business to care for the needs of those ministering, even at short notice.

Those principles alone would be a solid foundation to raising money Biblically.  And we came up with them in 30 minutes!  If you're involved in fundraising in anyway, you should Start with the Bible.  Partner Like Paul has one chapter centered on fundraising principles from the Bible, plus an appendix with nearly every scripture related to fundraising.  If that would be useful to you, check it out.

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