Thursday, March 21, 2013

HIRI: What Jesus Started by Steve Addison

A few thoughts and points from What Jesus Started by Steve Addison:

Quotable: "Someone brought the gospel message to you, to whom are you taking the gospel?" p12
"After thirteen years the church had around one hundred people attending, but it was no longer growing. People were not sharing their faith. They just attended Sunday church services." p169 (Note: This was not a 'good' quote, just a convicting one.)

What I Liked: The simple straight forward organization.  Steve uses a simple diagram to show that Jesus, the 12 Apostles, and Paul were essentially doing the same thing to propel the Gospel missionary movement.  He then shows how people are still doing those things today, and with great results.

What I Liked II: The call to connect.  This was a fresh look at all of the outward focused connecting that Jesus and the apostles did.  More than a reminder, it was a challenge to be disciple who is always connecting with people everywhere I go.

What I Didn't Like: Nothing to write about here.

Bonus:  Steve is a great example of why any author (and probably most any person) should blog.  To be honest, I was not overly impressed with Steve's first book (Movements that Change the World).  However, after I finished that book a few years ago I started following his blog.  On that blog I read about his journey from a writer about movements of God, to a worker in them.  His example was both inspiring and challenging.  After following his journey over the last few years I couldn't not read his book.  I had to.  Great job Steve.

2013 Personal Impact Ranking: 
  1. T4T by Steve Smith
  2. What Jesus Started by Steve Addison*
*I own this one and you'd be welcome to borrow it.

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