Monday, February 18, 2013

Summer Fundraising

"Are you taking your teens on a missions trip or doing a summer project with your youth group this summer?  Do you or your group need to raise money but aren't sure where to start?"  

I know must plugs that start with those questions then have a fundraiser for you to sign up for.  (You know the usual: coupon book sales, car wash, Culver's night, etc.)

No fundraiser selling here. Instead, I want to invite you to explore the topic of Biblical Fundraising, specifically as it pertains to equipping youth groups and teenagers to raise money.  This is happening Thursday 2/21 at the Peoria Youth Network.  11:30-1 at the Christian Center.  Lunch is included for $5.

We'll dialogue issues, mistakes, and ideas.  But most importantly we'll take a look at Scripture and see how it can inform you, your teens, and your summer fundraising.

If you want to explore the topic early, or can't make it that day, check out this link for details:

Please comment or contact me if you're planning on coming.

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