Monday, February 4, 2013

2nd Gen

A little terminology here:

If you're seeking to make disciples you're the Zero generation.  The people you are discipling are a 1st generation.  The people that they disciple are a 2nd generation.  And so on...

I recently read about a movement with 18 generations of disciples following Jesus Christ.  EIGHTEEN! Awesome.

Currently the highest number I've seen is 2nd generation, and that only a couple of times.  Baby steps...

One common factor with the path to 2nd generation disciples was really intriguing.  It seems that the shorter the initial Zero generation to 1st generation disciple-making time is, the better chance that there becomes a 2nd generation.

I'm sure that breaks down at some point, we can't call one 5-minute meeting disciple-making and walk away.  But nevertheless, most of my 2nd generation success is linked to Zero generation meetings that lasted between 5 and 10 weeks, not months or years.


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