Monday, January 28, 2013

Time to get SMART

My friend Bill Allison originally introduced me to Personal Growth Plans about seven years ago.  Over the last seven years they have been one of the catalysts in my life for spiritual and personal growth.

The secret to them lies in making SMART goals.  Anyone can pledge "I want to be a better person."  But to get SMART takes a little more guts.  Follow along:

S - Specific.  Write down something uncomfortably specific.  If it makes you squirm because someone can hold you to it, you're getting close.  Specific is terrific.

M - Motivating.*  Once you've written a specific goal, think about it.  Are you actually excited to do it?  If not, then it's probably not motivating enough.

A - Attainable.  So obvious, yet this is the downfall of most New Year's Resolutions.  Can you actually conceivably reach this goal?

R - Relevant.  Sometimes we set goals because of what we've read or because of great things we've seen in others.  Relevant asks: "Does this actually pertain to my life?"

T - Trackable.  Along with being specific, a trackable goal usually includes a time component.  When will you do it?  How far along will you be in a week? a month? six months?

No rocket science here.  But how often we achieve less than God would want us to because of vague goals and pipe dreams!  What SMART goal can you write down today?

If you send me one of yours I'll send you one of mine.

*This is where I differ from Bill/Cadre.  He puts the word Measurable, but I find that too similar to Trackable so I changed it to Motivating.

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