Monday, January 7, 2013

A new Olympic sport: Mini-Van loading

I'd like to petition the International Olympic Committee for a new sport: Mini-Van Loading.

I think I'd easily win Gold.  Let me set it up for you:

In the Summer Olympics you would have 4 kids (all under 10, at least 2 still in car seats), 6 suitcases and 1 Igloo cooler.  All of those things would start a flight of stairs away from the mini-van you're attempting to load.  The kids are randomly assigned so they may or may not be on your team during the loading process.  Everything that needs to be loaded starts inside a house with at least two doors and 5 stairs. The first one to load the car, buckle the kids in safely and drive 100 yards to the finish line wins.

The Winter Olympic event would be similar.  Four kids.  Instead of suitcases you have all of the kids' snow gear, plus 5 sleds.  The biggest difference is this actually takes place on an ice rink to mimic the perils of loading a vehicle in icy conditions.

In both events, using the roof rack would be considered cheating.

This post was inspired after my Facebook Status with the same suggestion had some good feedback.  We'll see what happens.  See you in Sochi.

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