Monday, December 31, 2012

Your New Year's Resolution

This year I have a resolution for you!  I'm tired of setting goals and making plans for myself, so I thought I would start doing it for others.

This year your New Year's resolution is to start blogging regularly.

Before you close this post, hear me out!  You have got some great ideas and thoughts in that head of yours.  But right now they are trapped... TRAPPED inside your head.  I think you'll do all of us a great service if you started getting those thoughts out regularly.  If you put them out for us to see, we can interact with them and help you fine tune what you're thinking and believing.  You might challenge someone else (or even yourself) to grow and change for the better.

You can define regularly.  Anything from daily to monthly is good.  It's not that hard, honestly.  You can do it!

Wow, setting goals for someone else is even easier than for myself.  And it comes without guilt!  Maybe I'll do a whole slate of New Year's resolutions for you next year.

PS.  If you take me up on this New Year's resolution, send me your blog address so I can follow it.  Thanks!

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