Monday, December 3, 2012

HIRI: Marks of the Messenger by Mack Stiles

A few thoughts and points from Marks of the Messenger by Mack Stiles

Quotable:  "If anything is needed in Christian witness today, it is boldness.  We don't need bigger music ministries, longer prayer walks or nicer church foyers.  We need boldness - wise boldness, gracious boldness, boldness rooted in the hope that we have in the gospel, boldness mixed with love, but boldness nonetheless." (p83)
"Our entire generation's sad theology about the church: that the church is for our personal benefit; that the main requirement of church is for it to be fresh, colorful and entertaining; that church relationships are secondary, even disposable; and that the church is more about consumerism than relationship." (p102, emphasis mine)

What I Liked: I liked that this was a simple, to the point book re-focusing on the basics of the Gospel and evangelism.  It was both engaging and challenging and gave some good practical tips and suggestions that I'll be sure to return to later.

What I Didn't Like: I thought he may have understated discipleship in the evangelism process.  I think Stiles would acknowledge it's importance, but in a list of 16 ways to be radical (starting on pg 107) discipleship is only mentioned once, and then not with a lot of emphasis or focus.

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