Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Imaginary Jesuses

After I read Imaginary Jesus I realized there are two versions of Jesus that I frequently spend time with.  Are they the real one?  What do you think?

Super-Dad Jesus:  You can tell this Jesus because he's hanging out with kids.  He loves kids and spends time with them all the time.  Playing, running, laughing, talking... anything... with his kids.  He may or may not drive a mini-van but he definitely frequents playgrounds and sports fields.

What's wrong with this Jesus?  Jesus loves kids, we know that (Matthew 19:13-15).  But he didn't just focus on kids.  He saw men, women and children all equally and all needing love and forgiveness.  It's a small distinction, but an important one: "Jesus loves everyone, including kids" vs. "Jesus loves kids."

Next up?

Polite Conversation Jesus:  This Jesus is always having a good conversation with people.  He just loves talking with and getting to know others.  He's good at asking questions (so long as they are not too deep) and always ready to rescue an uncomfortable moment with his quick wit and light-hearted humor.

What's wrong with this Jesus?  Do you think the real Jesus shied away from uncomfortable moments (John 4:16-18) and deep questions (Matthew 16:13)?

Any Imaginary Jesuses you're dealing with?

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