Monday, October 8, 2012

Personal Task Management

It's been over a year since I switched from managing my tasks on a computer to doing it on paper.  I still feel that doing so was a great decision.  I save a lot of time not being distracted by all the things you can find on a computer.  I also think keeping your task list on paper gives you some built in simplicity and clarity: You can't do it all in one day because you can only fit so much on one piece of paper.

However, there is one sliver of task management that I've transferred back to digital.  If a task or job has multiple parts or recurring items in them, I keep those things in digital format.

For example: I write "Budget" in my task notebook as a reminder to deal with bill-paying, check-writing and keeping up on my family budget.  But for the specific list of bills to pay and checks to write, I have a digital list that I reference.  (You could easily use a spreadsheet, I went with Trello for a little more pizzazz.)

Or when I plan Camp of Champions' staff training.  I need more than a sheet of paper to track all of the details and schedules.  So I keep those in various spreadsheets and documents.  But "Staff Training" is all that gets written down in my task notebook.

Simple and obvious?  Maybe.  But it works.

One caveat: The specifics of how you manage your tasks aren't as important as the fact that you manage them.  How are you doing with that?

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