Monday, October 29, 2012

A lesson from fundraising data

One of the big fundraisers that Camp of Champions holds each summer is a Bowl-a-thon.  We ask all of our summer staff to tell their friends and family about the ministry of camp, our scholarship program and how they've seen God work in the summer.  Each year we're amazed at how God provides... this year was especially awesome as our staff combined to raise over $40,000 to go towards camper scholarships.

Being a numbers guy, I recently looked at the data from the last two years of Bowl-a-thon.  I was mainly just curious, but I also wanted to see if any trends emerged, in order to encourage and equip the staff we have next summer to raise funds for scholarships (so more kids and families can hear the gospel).

Here's one lesson I learned:  Of the staff that raised $0 in 2011, only 18% returned to work at camp.  Remove the people that raised $0 and the return rate for the rest of the staff jumps to 54%.

Or in other words:
Someone's desire to raise money, even just $100, speaks very loudly about how much they believe in a cause.  OR
The final number they raise isn't as important as the fact that they tried at all.  OR
The jump from raising $0 to raising $1 is more important than from $1 to $100 or $100 to $1000.

Take away what you need to, leave what you don't!

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