Thursday, October 4, 2012

A cell phone guideline

I'll need to do a full update to my Using Technology post soon, but here's an idea I recently had:

When you sit down for a meeting with someone, set your phone out on the table and declare who you will accept calls from.  If the phone rings or buzzes, check if it is one of your pre-declared persons.  If so, go ahead and answer it, you told us you would already.  If not, then let it sit.

If I'm meeting with you today, I'd declare I would answer the phone for: 1) my wife, 2) my realtor, 3)
The President (I'm not necessarily expecting a call from him, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.)

Here's a bonus guideline: If you're sitting down to a meal with your family.  Put your phone out of sight and on silent.  Is there really anyone more important that could call you?

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