Monday, August 6, 2012

What Would Jesus Buy Question Review

Last September I asked the question: What Would Jesus Buy?

I'm still asking... and I wanted to update the questions from that post to encourage me and you to shop like Jesus.

Before you shop, ask yourself: 

  1. Do I need it?  Can I do without it?  Do I already have it? If you answer these questions honestly, you won't have to answer the rest of this list as often as you think. 
  2. Can I make it myself?  Can I buy it used?  Can I upgrade or repair something I own rather than buying it? 
If you make it through the above list and still need to go shopping, ask yourself: 

  1. Is it made in the USA or another developed country?  Or is it Fair Trade? 
  2. Is it produced by a company that is at least claiming ethical labor and/or buying practices?  Many companies make some sort of statement on their website. 
  3. Is it produced by a company that has known cases of unethical labor and/or buying practices?  A few Google searches normally turns up any poor standards or practices. 
  4. Is it quality? Will it last a long time or will you be buying another piece of junk in less than two years?

Last but not least, I'm looking for a web site that lets you search for an answer to the second set of questions above.  I'm picturing the ability to type in a product or company and receive results concerning their labor practices, raw material purchases, etc.  Do you know of any?

1 comment:

  1. I know of no such website. But my research project last spring suggested that a lot of people would be interested in exactly what you described. It's something I'm very interested in.

    I'm guessing there are some forces at work to keep such a thing from starting up or becoming too well-known or trusted...