Monday, June 18, 2012

BOOR June 2011: You Choose

Last June I found multiple things that we're pretty awesome.  Here's a title and short description of each.  You choose which one suits your fancy.

There I said it: On our love affair with books- What's the most important book you can read as a Christian?  Besides the Bible?  (The point of this post is that you shouldn't have the second question!)

Email checklist (maybe this time it will work)- The basics of how and when to send an e-mail.  If you don't know what "blind copied"or "opt in" mean, then you must read this one.

Dangerous (in a good way)- How to be dangerous (in a good way)

Kings of Judah: Growing Old Ungracefully- Do you want to be grumpy when you grow old?  Probably not...

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