Monday, May 28, 2012

Game Plan: Summer 2012

When heading into a busy season of life, I've found it's best to have a plan.

This week COCUSA starts staff training, and then next week we launch into 11 straight weeks of summer day camp.  It's very full and intense... but also rewarding and amazing.

I find that my summer of ministry goes better if I have a plan... This year I specifically put together this Game Plan.  (A little silly maybe, but helpful to me for sure.)

I hope to explain some areas of this plan in future posts.

But for now, when's your next busy season? What plans do you need to make for it now?


  1. Cheering you on. this looks awesome!

    what are these "rescue squads"? Is that what you did with Chase, Dustin, and I or is that something new at COCUSA for this year to go along with the theme?

    1. Yes on the Rescue Squads... hoping to launch something like it for any and all guy staff. Pray it goes well!