Monday, April 9, 2012

Which church do you go to?

Here's an interesting observation from Camp of Champions' applications:

More and more, high school and college students associate themselves with multiple churches, and not just one.  

I make this observation in light of the fact that in my high school and college days, I had my church.  It was where I attended youth group and Sunday mornings, as well as small groups, quizzing and any other "extras" that were offered.  I did little to nothing with any other churches.  I could easily answer the question: "Which church do you go to?"  And the answer was singular.

But a quick review of some male COCUSA applicants reveals a lot more diversity today:
  • One guy counselor attends a church plant start up meeting one weeknight and leads worship for a different and unrelated youth ministry another night.
  • I recently interviewed a guy who had strong connections to three churches in two towns.
  • Another guy applicant lists one church in town as his home church, but none of his references are from that church, and his Pastoral reference is from another church entirely.
  • Yet another guy lists one church as his home church, yet when asked recently he told me that he doesn't attend there anymore.  The church he now attends regularly is not mentioned anywhere in his application.
What would any of these examples say if asked: "Which church do you go to?"

I've been noticing this trend for a few years at least, and while it's not quite the rule, it's not the exception either.

I'm not sure if I think it's good, bad or neither.  Right now I only wanted to make the observation and be the reporter.  Maybe I'll be brave enough to draw conclusions or take a position later.

What are your initial thoughts on it?

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